Services @ BITS:

As an information-center the distribution and sharing of information forms is an important part of our work.  BITS offers a number of information distribution services to its partner institutions, journalists and individuals doing research. Our services include: 

BITS Library and Archive :

Visiting researchers and students can profit from a specialized reference library and archives at BITS. They  incorporate both Eastern and Western sources. The focus is on military security and other hard-security topics, such as East-West-relations, weapons of mass destruction, arms-control and disarmament. It contains a wide variety of documents and sources difficult to find at most other places: 

In the BITS library and archive you can find: 

  • about 25,000 monographs, government documents, parliament reports, military manuals, research reports, dissertations, publications from other institutes as well as primary sources from Eastern and Western archives;
  • 150-200 journals, magazines, newsletters and newspapers which we receive on a regular basis; 
  • over 5000 books.

An electronic library and archive, containing the same categories of materials is under construction and will soon be available for visiting users. 

Most sources are in German, English and Russian. Some smaller collections are available in other languages such as French, Spanish or Italian. 

The BITS library and archive are open to the public. However, to create as little bureaucracy as possible and to be able to serve as many visitors as possible we are running it at as a reference library. 

How to use the BITS Library and Archive:

The BITS Library and Archive is a reference library. Neither the books nor the journals or documents can be borrowed. However, the library is open to the public and all publications can be read and photocopied at BITS. Most of the publications can be found at the BITS-office. Older Journals and US-Documents (1945-1989) are archived elsewhere.

Richard-Sorge-Straße 82
10249 Berlin
Phone +49-30-4410 220
Fax +49-30-44 10-2 21

Our opening hours Monday through Friday 10 to 6pm or by individual arrangement.

As BITS is a private non-profit institute we only have limited staff and room capacity. We would like to help and advise as many visitors as possible. To make our task easier and your work at BITS Library and Archive more effective, please bear in mind the following points:

Contact us before visiting bits - Phone +49-30-4410 220 – and make an appointment. In this way you can be sure that there is free office space for your research.

Give us some information on your research topic. This makes it easier for us to give advice and point out the relevant publications.

Be prepared that research might take you a little longer than in a „normal" library, as BITS has no comprehensive electronic catalogue system.

Please be patient. Our staff will be happy to help you, but bear in mind that we have no full-time library assistants and BITS has to keep on to top of its daily work.

Please remember that you’ll have to pay for photocopies. BITS is a registered charity and is financed by grants. Unfortunately, we have no funds to support the work of external researchers.

We appreciate your cooperation. BITS is looking forward to your visit.