AMD - Archive of Military Doctrine / US-Army:
Army Doctrine - Old and New, Draft and Final

This collection of US-Army Field Manuals incomplete and provided for educational and research purposes. It contains both publications in force as well as doctrine now replaced or not yet approved. Links provided in Italics lead to either earlier versions or drafts for future versions. However, we cannot guarantee, that the most recent version is online in this collection. Some of these documents are no longer available on the web, others still can be found on official sites. Almost all documents are PDF-Files. Please note, that the structure and the numbering system for Field Manuals has changed more than once during the years covered. Some manuals might be still listed in the wrong subsection.

Readers having access to additional documents (especially elder ones or draft publications) completing this collection are encouraged to email copies to

We express special thanks to Janne Kemppi for his constant and valuable help in making this collection possible complete. Without his support it would be much smaller.


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Since 2011 the U.S Army is streamling its training and doctrine publications in accordance with the Doctrine 2015 Initiative. New series of documents have been added such as Army Doctrine Publications (ADPs), Army Doctrine Reference Publications (ADRPs) and Army Techniques Publications (ATPs). Over the years they’ll replace the old doctrinal publications. (For a briefing on the initiative see here) Unfortunately many of the new publications have been placed behind controlled access gates and thus no longer are available to the general public. 

Recent US-Army Doctrine Publications, Army Doctrine Reference Publications and Army Techniques Publications  


U.S. Army Field Manuals – New Numbering System :

FM 1-series

FM 2-series

FM 3-series

FM 4-series

FM 5-series

FM 6-series


FM 7-series


U.S. Army Field Manuals from Earlier Numbering System:

FM 1 – Aviation Series

FM 3 – Chemical Warfare Serie

FM 5 – Engineers Series

FM 6 - Field Artillery Series

FM 7 – Infantry Series

FM 8 – Medical Series

FM 9 – Ordnance Series

FM 10 Quartermaster Series

FM 11 - Signal Series

FM 12 – Adminitration Series

FM 14 – Finance Series

FM 16 – Chaplain Series

FM 17 – Armor Series

FM 19 – Military Police Series

FM 20 – Miscellaneous Series

FM 21 – Individual Soldier Series

FM 22 – Infantry Drill Regulations

FM 23 Basic Weapons Series

FM 24 – Communications Procedures Series

FM 25 – Training Series (earlier: Transportation Series)

FM 26 – Interior Guard Duty Series

FM 27 – Military Law Series

FM 29 – Maintenance and Supply Series

FM 30 – Military Intelligence Series

FM 31 – Special Operations Series

FM 32 – Security Series

FM 33 – Psychological Operations

FM 34 – Military Intelligence

FM 35 – Women’s Army Corps

FM 38 – Supply Procedures

FM 41 – Civil Affairs

FM 42 – Quartermaster

FM 43 – General Repair

FM 44 – Anti-aircraft Artillery

FM 45 – Censorship

FM 46 – Public Relations

FM 54 – Logistics

FM 55 – Transportation

FM 57 – Airborne

FM 60 – Amphibious

FM 61 – The Division

FM 63 – Logistics

FM 70 – Mountain

FM 71 – Combined Arms

FM 90 - Operations

FM 100 – Field Service Regulations

FM 101 – Staff Officers’ Field Manuals

FM 105 – Maneuver Control

FM 110 - Joint

FM 700 - series